About Us – Zina Garrison Tennis Academy

About Us

The Zina Garrison Academy was founded 26 years ago in 1992 by tennis legend and Houston local Zina Garrison. Zina wanted to give young people the same opportunities that she was afforded as a young tennis player. Tennis serves as the gateway to provide young people with all of the skills one would need to thrive as a member of his or her community.


The Zina Garrison Academy (ZGA) provides 45 weeks of free programming each year for all young people in the Houston area. ZGA not only provides world-class tennis instruction, but also provides college preparatory classes, wellness and nutrition lessons, interactive garden instruction, ACE training, and so much more!

Core Values


ZGA believes all individuals have value and should be treated fairly and with kindness


ZGA is dedicated to teaching and developing young people


ZGA believes in consistency and dedication


ZGA believes in taking responsibility for oneself and others

Core Purpose

ZGA develops healthy, contributing members of the community.


All young people have the supports, skills and resources they need to achieve their goals and become healthy, contributing members of their community.


ZGA serves young people and strengthens families through tennis, education and wellness programs that contribute to a healthy community.

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