Hurricane Harvey Relief – Zina Garrison Tennis Academy

ZGA has always been a place where kids could go to escape from the pressures and stresses of every day life. This will become increasingly important after Hurricane Harvey caused so much devastation to Houston. The ZGA family will continue to uplift each other through these hard times. Coaches and staff work every day to ensure that kids and our community can feel safe at ZGA. We will resume practices as soon as the weather allows in order for the kids to take solace in the routines provided by our tennis program. In the aftermath of Harvey, we also believe that it is imperative to impress upon our youth that one should ways give back to his or her community. As a pillar of the community, ZGA will strive to serve the areas around MacGregor park. We are beginning several programs, which the kids will implement, that will serve the low-income and homeless population. We will be distributing “self-care” bags, starting a food bank, cleaning up MacGregor park, and holding a bake sale/car wash to raise money for those affected.


During the rebuilding of Houston and its surrounding community, ZGA staff will travel to local shelters to set up Pop-Up courts. We have several small tennis nets that can be set up anywhere. Our goal is to raise morale by giving kids an opportunity to play tennis. This will give parents a break and also give kids a chance to expend their energy while having fun. We want to support Houston in this terrible time, and plan to do so with whatever resources are available to us.

  • Working with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Mayor Sylvester Turner, ZGA will be a conduit to the community of social and support services based in MacGregor Park to the surrounding communities
  • Displaced children who need to help with educational support and services offered through ZGA
  • Work with flood damaged schools in the area to support physical education & educational support
  • Public outreach by Zina Garrison to her community to support services and how to coordinate
  • Work with METRO on public transportation at the adjacent train line and station to allow access to services offered in MacGregor Park
  • Partner with local churches and the University of Houston for long term services, especially medical needs of those affected by Hurricane Harvey
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